Three Dating Tips If You Happen To Have Herpes


Three Dating Tips If You Happen To Have Herpes

It totally up to you whether or not you want to date(let alone have sex)with someone who has herpes. Below you will find three tips for dating(and or sex) if you happen to be with someone who has it.


The very first thing you should do is to educate yourself on herpes. Find out all you can before accepting a date. Yes, it is important to hear it from the person's mouth(guy or girl), but you should also have some idea of what is happening before you go. 


The last thing you should do is behave like a know-it-all. You are not the one living with it(although it does clear up with the right treatment). This is their story. Too many people have become "Karens" in this day and age. They act like they know everything. You may have educated yourself about herpes, but you are not the one who has it. Listen(and really hear) their story. Then, you can make up your mind(based on what they tell you) about whether or not you want to continue. 


Please take the proper precautions. This tip is for those who decide they do want to have sex regardless of the situation. Hey, I get it. Some people are just too yummy to turn down(especially if you are both in the mood). Bring protection(for both you and them). They might already be carrying some anyway. It never hurts to be too careful(especially when sex is involved). If you are looking for fun and excitement try this dating site for herpes.